It’s way too many feels, way too much emotion..

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It's way too many feels, way too much emotion..


Leti is wearing..

TRUTH Hair Ximena

::K:: Mock Neck Sweater Femme @TMD *NEW*

[Pumpkin] Skintight pants

BUENO Fringe Boots @Fameshed *NEW*


Pho is wearing..

Unorthodox Noah hair @TMD *NEW*

Unorthodox Noah facial hair @TMD *NEW*

V-Spot Blown Away Hoodie @ The Dirty Turkey Hunt


{Reverie} ‘Chicago’ Boots @TMD *NEW*


Scene details..

Fancy Decor Print Storage Table  @6º Republic *NEW*

Fancy Decor ‘Triumphal Entry’ Print  @6º Republic *NEW*

Fancy Decor ‘Freedom of Conscience’ Print  @6º Republic *NEW*

Fancy Decor ‘Diana the Evening’ Print  @6º Republic *NEW*

Fancy Decor ‘Remedium’ Print  @6º Republic *NEW*

Fancy Decor Print Books  @6º Republic *NEW*

Fancy Decor Petrified Wood  @6º Republic *NEW*

Fancy Decor Wire Clock  @6º Republic *NEW*

Bauhaus Movement Californication –  Crate  @6º Republic *NEW*

Bauhaus Movement Californication – Cloth  @6º Republic *NEW*

Bauhaus Movement Californication –  Rug Beige  @6º Republic *NEW*

Bauhaus Movement Californication – Painted Drawers  @6º Republic *NEW*

Bauhaus Movement Californication –  Tris Pillow  @6º Republic *NEW*

Bauhaus Movement Californication – Get Stoned Pillow  @6º Republic *NEW*

{BE} Coffee bean bag Chair  @6º Republic *NEW*

{BE} Vintage Wood table @6º Republic *NEW*

{BE} Burger & French fries @6º Republic *NEW*

{BE} Coffee @6º Republic *NEW*

{BE} Cupcakes @6º Republic *NEW*

BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Room Divider (Metal) @6º Republic *NEW*

BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Room Divider (Frosted Glass) @6º Republic *NEW*

BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Vintage Poster (Trumpet) @6º Republic *NEW*

BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Vintage Poster (Guitar) @6º Republic *NEW*

BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Ceiling Fan @6º Republic *NEW*

BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Phonograph @6º Republic *NEW*

BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Antique Phone @6º Republic *NEW*

[ kunst ] Metal ashtray RARE