-NOeditiON- SuperStar and Exclusive Prize for The Epiphany..

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The ‘SuperStar’ Sneakers will be available at The Epiphany, open to the public July, 15th.

This is a 100% original mesh and fits with Maitreya, Signature, SLink Male and Female Flat Feet.

The gacha set gathers 12 COMMON and 2 RARE items (I Rare – Black Color with Mix & Match HUD (6 slots / 14 basic colors); II Rare –

Original Version inspired by a real reference).

Also, if you want to get rid of those repeated colors and prefer to change them for an EXCLUSIVE item, instead of opening them, you can

always redeem 25+ pulls and get our ‘SuperStar Bracelets’ with a 10 colored full customized HUD, made in 100% original mesh too.

Hope you like them!

See you guys at The Epiphany!!