Respecting the old but seeking out the new

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Respecting the old but seeking out the new


Phoenix is wearing..

oOo Spirit Pose @TMD *5th July*

oOo Spirit Glass_lh @TMD *5th July*

*Dura-Boy*61 @TMD *5th July*

[BUC] Zante Shoulder Shirt @TMD *5th July*

[BUC] Zante Polaroid Camera @TMD *5th July*

*Bolson Hort Tattoo Hort @TMD *5th July*

[ kunst ] Lucius bracelet @TMD *5th July*

[ kunst ] Magnus ring @TMD *5th July*

[ kunst ] Maximus ring @TMD *5th July*

Addams Denim Short w/ Belt @TMD *5th July*

{Reverie} Soho Sandals @TMD *5th July*


Leti is wearing..

..::Vibe::.. “Greyscale” Pose @Shiny Shabby  *New*

[Entwined] Naomi @The Chapter Four *New*

ieQED Brisa Earrings @The Mix Event *New*

*Bolson Hort Tattoo Hort @TMD *5th July*

Addams Dixie T-Shirt @The Mix Event *New*

=Zenith=  minority fringe bag @~uber~*New*

E-Clipse Nomi Pant @Shiny Shabby *New*

{Reverie} Soho Sandals @Shiny Shabby  *June 20th*


Scene details..

Trompe Loeil Zeeland Shore House @Fameshed *New*

Trompe Loeil Zeeland Couch + Pillows @Fameshed *New*

Trompe Loeil Zeeland Ottoman + Pillows @Fameshed *New*

Trompe Loeil Zeeland Lamp Orange long chain @Fameshed *New*

[ARIA] Finley Chaise Lounge @Fameshed *New*

[ARIA] Finley side table @Fameshed *New*

[ARIA] Finley decorative books @Fameshed *New*

[ARIA] Finley decorative vintage tea cup @Fameshed *New*

[ARIA] Finley Potted succulent plant @Fameshed *New*

RASP California Chair @TMD *5th July*

tight. catenary shelves @TMD *5th July*

Fancy Decor Co-Ed Mag @TMD *5th July*

Fancy Decor Co-Ed Mag @TMD *5th July*

Fancy Decor Lotion @TMD *5th July*

Fancy Decor Tissues @TMD *5th July*

Fancy Decor Phone Dock (ladies) @TMD *5th July*

Fancy Decor The Sweet Mag @TMD *5th July*

=Eli Baily= Star Fur Rug @Fameshed *New*

=Eli Baily= Ivy & Ivy HUD @TMD *5th July*

[ keke ] milk jug flowers @The Seasons Story *10th July*

[ keke ] metal box w thyme @The Seasons Story *10th July*

[ keke ] metal box @The Seasons Story *10th July*

Kuro Easy breeze @The Challenge *New*

[ zerkalo ] Garden Hammock @The Chapter Four *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Table @Fameshed *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Couple Bench @Fameshed *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Single Bench @Fameshed *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Basket w/Bread @Fameshed *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Orange Juice @Fameshed *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Napkin @Fameshed *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Orange Juice Bottles @Fameshed *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Basket w/Glasses @Fameshed *New*

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Basket w/Apples @Fameshed *New*