The cutest pumpkin in the patch..

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RK Poses. ‘Bob’ @The Crossroads *NEW*

Custom Mesh Head by Gac Akina

Tableau Vivant  Edward hair @TMD *NEW*

kunst  Phoenix Tag necklace @TMD *NEW*

Gabriel Long Hodie & coat @TMD *NEW*

Gabriel  Stripe Sweat Pants @TMD *NEW*




[Z O O M] Hieroglyphics Glasses @TMD *NEW*

TRUTH HAIR Tyne @~uber~ *NEW*

[ kunst ] Phoenix Tag necklace @TMD *NEW*

[ kunst ] Cornelius ring @TMD *NEW*

!APHORISM! Chunky Knit Cardigan @The Seasons Story *Oct. 10th*

!APHORISM! Autumn Cami Dress Floral @The Seasons Story *Oct. 10th*

fame femme Kama Unisex Socks

Pink Acid Older Basset Hound Red Female* @Chapter Four *NEW*


Scene details..

Kalopsia Hazel’s Loveseat @The Seasons Story *Oct. 10th*

Kalopsia Hazel’s Pimpkins @The Seasons Story *Oct. 10th*

Kalopsia Hazel’s Newspaper+Cup @The Seasons Story *Oct. 10th*

Kalopsia Hazel’s Fence @The Seasons Story *Oct. 10th*

Kalopsia Hazel’s Leaves @The Seasons Story *Oct. 10th*

Kalopsia Hazel’s Bird House (Gift) @The Seasons Story *Oct. 10th*

Fancy Decor Belted Hay @Fancy Decor Pumpkin Patch *NEW*

Fancy Decor Pumpkins @Fancy Decor Pumpkin Patch *NEW*

Little Branch Spookytrees @The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Little Branch Creepyspooky @The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Little Branch Snakeweed

Pink Acid Older Basset Hound Brown Male* @Chapter Four *NEW*

.:revival:. harvest basket drape sand @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

.:revival:. rope ladder @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

.:revival:. wheelbench @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] Autumn carpet