We must fear the indifference , not hate..

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We must fear the indifference , not hate..


Leti is wearing..

Le Poppycock Forget yourself Pose @The Chapter Four *NEW*



MINIMAL Night Necklace @TMD *NEW*

Toro. Claudia’s Slouchy Kimono @The Chapter Four *NEW*

Izzie’s Arm Warmers @The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Addams Mariela Tiered Shorts Irregular *NEW*

Blueberry Bonie Stockings *NEW*

*Sweet Lies*  Cayetana Beige Bag @The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

[monso] My Vintage Walker @TMD *NEW*


Pho is wearing..

Tableau Vivant  Domino hair @Collabor88 *NEW*

etham Caleb Blazer @The Chapter Four *NEW*

xin. leather pants @Monsieur Chic *NEW*

xin. native apollo boots @Monsieur Chic *NEW*


Scene details..

Trompe Loeil Beloeil Cabine + Deck @FaMESHed *NEW*

F.A.T Laptop Sleeve Bag @TMD *Feb. 5th*

Fancy Decor: White/Gold Documents (Limited Edition) @Monsieur Chic *NEW*

Fancy Decor: White/Gold Office Supplies (Limited Edition)  @Monsieur Chic *NEW*

Fancy Decor: Bracket Bookends (Limited Edition) @Monsieur Chic *NEW*

Fancy Decor: Stacked Boxes (Limited Edition) @Monsieur Chic *NEW*

Fancy Decor: Wall Studs (Limited Edition) @Monsieur Chic *NEW*

{iD} PancakE-BooK-(I Love You) @The Chapter Four *NEW*

Kalopsia Percival’s Chair @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*

Kalopsia Percival’s Shelf @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*

KalopsiaPercival’s Bust @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*

KalopsiaPercival’s Credenza @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*

Kalopsia Percival’s Record Player @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*

Kalopsia Percival’s Lamp @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*

Kalopsia Percival’s Rug @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*

Kalopsia Valentine Edition Pillows *GIFT*

[NO CONCEPT] leather sofa @TMD *NEW*

[NO CONCEPT] coffee table @TMD *NEW*

SAYO Bar Tap Decor @TMD *NEW*

SAYO I lied sign @TMD *NEW*

SAYO Edison Wall Lamp @TMD *NEW*

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room – Vinyl Record Box @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room – Vinyl Records @Kustom9 *Feb. 15th*