And falling’s just another way to fly

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And falling is just another way to fly


Clef de Peau Michal @TMD *New*

Unorthodox Godd Hair

Unorthodox Godd Base Hair (TMP Applier)

Unorthodox Fizz Facial Hair (TMP Appliers)

Gabriel Military jacket @TMD *New*

not so bad ZOLTAR jeans @TMD *New*



[PM]Pixel Mode The Heights Studio Apartment @6ºRepublic *New*

[NO CONCEPT] industrial TV board @6ºRepublic *New*

[NO CONCEPT] vintage iron high stool @6ºRepublic *New*

[NO CONCEPT] Vintage wood desk @6ºRepublic *New*

[NO CONCEPT] Vintage wood chair @6ºRepublic *New*

DRD Industrial Bed @6ºRepublic *New*

DRD Industrial Seat @6ºRepublic *New*

DRD Industrial standing lamp @6ºRepublic *New*

BALACLAVA!! Camden Rugs @6ºRepublic *New*

Apple Fall Leather Moccasins

:HAIKEI: look through the window gacha {4} @Kustom9 *New*

CARGO – Retro TV-VCR Set


And falling's just another way to fly2



[PM]Pixel Mode The Heights Studio Apartment @6ºRepublic *New*

Kalopsia Scaffold Bedroom @6ºRepublic *New*

Stockholm&Lima: Industrial Desk @6ºRepublic *New*

Stockholm&Lima: Industrial Desk Chair @6ºRepublic *New*

[NO CONCEPT] aluminium pendant lamp triple RARE @6ºRepublic *New*

[NO CONCEPT] industrial pipe rack @6ºRepublic *New*

=Eli Baily= Bletchley Typewriter @6ºRepublic *New*

[ keke ] bathroom clutter – flow @6ºRepublic *New*

[ keke ] bathroom clutter – sail away @6ºRepublic *New*

[ keke ] bathroom clutter – drop @6ºRepublic *New*

[ keke ] transparent soap – sage @6ºRepublic *New*

[ keke ] transparent soap – honey @6ºRepublic *New*

not so bad BOGDAN stool @6ºRepublic *New*

not so bad BOGDAN table @6ºRepublic *New*

not so bad BOGDAN console @6ºRepublic *New*

DRD Industrial couch @6ºRepublic *New*

DRD Industrial hanging lights @6ºRepublic *New*

MudHoney Felix Cabinet – Beech @6ºRepublic *New*

MudHoney Felix Candle @6ºRepublic *New*

Ariskea [Astronome]The Globe @6ºRepublic *New*

Ariskea [Astronome] The Astro Maps @6ºRepublic *New*

Soy. Aircraft wing bench @6ºRepublic *New*

Soy. Airport runway light @6ºRepublic *New*

Soy. Aircraft propeller sculpture @6ºRepublic *New*

:CP: Industrial Coffee Art Possible @TMD *New*

:CP: Industrial Coffee Art Menu @TMD *New*

:CP: Industrial Chalk Frame Light @TMD *New*

:CP: Industrial Storage Boxes @TMD *New*

:CP: Industrial Coffee Maker @TMD *New*

:CP: Industrial Coffee Jars @6ºRepublic *New*

:CP: Industrial Coffee Wire Baskets @6ºRepublic *New*

:CP: Industrial Coffee Cup Scatter @6ºRepublic *New*

:CP: Industrial Coffee Stirrers @6ºRepublic *New*

oyasumi pipe drink holder @6ºRepublic *New*

oyasumi maps

BALACLAVA!! Camden Rugs @6ºRepublic *New*

Apple Fall Books & Map

ZOOBY  Black & White Pitbull