Beauty it’s not just vanity.. it’s valuing yourself!

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TRUTH HAIR Zoya*VIP Group Gift March*

*YS&YS* Ludovica (Catwa Applier) @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Addams Abby Leather Jacket *NEW* 

Addams Donatella Dress *NEW*

[Juju] Tokyo Ripped Stockings *Feb’s Uber*


Scene details..

REIGN. Chanel’s Closet (Decorated) RARE @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Ariskea [Angel] Wing Pink  Mannequin RARE @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Ariskea [Angel] Black Mannequin @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Ariskea [Angel] Beauty Essential @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Ariskea [Angel] Makeup Palette @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Ariskea [Angel] Brush set vase @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Ariskea [Angel] Foundation Cream @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Ariskea [Angel] Mascara @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

+Half-Deer+ ‘First Class Kitty’ Shopaholics Snow RARE @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

+Half-Deer+ ‘First Class Kitty’ Luggage Princess @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

+Half-Deer+ ‘First Class Kitty’ Carry-On Snow Pink @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

+Half-Deer+ ‘First Class Kitty’ High-Tech Yarn Snow @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

.Olive. ‘the Presley’ Hairspray @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

.Olive. ‘the Presley’ Hair Straightener @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

.random.Matter. ‘Dorm Life’ Clothes Rack [Pink] RARE @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

.random.Matter. ‘Dorm Life’ Shoe Rack – RARE @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

.random.Matter. ‘Dorm Life’ Laptop [White] @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

The Loft ‘Soft & Subtle’ Chaise RARE @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

The Loft ‘Soft & Subtle’ Flouncy Rug @Arcade Gacha*NEW*

Tres Blah ‘Slumber Party’ Nail Polish Collection @Arcade Gacha*NEW* 

Tres Blah ‘Slumber Party’ Makeup Bag @Arcade Gacha*NEW*