Cold, cozy days, warm blankets & hot chocolate..

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Cold, cozy days, warm blankets & hot chocolate..


On the right..


ieQED snowflake earrings @Tannenbaum *NEW*

ieQED snowflake necklace @Tannenbaum*NEW*

ieQED snowflake ring @Tannenbaum *NEW*

Addams Rome Body Shirt @~uber~*NEW*

Addams Grecia Suit Pants @~uber~*NEW*


On the left..

Magika Thread *NEW*

GizzA Iona Vest & Dress @Lost & Found *NEW*

ISON leather knee boots @Collabor88 *NEW*


Scene details..

:CP: Taylor Sofa @~uber~*NEW*

:CP: Taylor Wall Shelf @~uber~*NEW*

:CP: Taylor Rugs @~uber~*NEW*

:CP: Taylor Concrete Houses @~uber~*NEW*

:CP: Taylor Wood Tree Light @~uber~*NEW*

hive noel tin train @Tannenbaum *NEW*

cinphul balmy (bouquet) @Tannenbaum *NEW*

cinphul balmy (parcel) @Tannenbaum *NEW*

cinphul balmy (box) @Tannenbaum *NEW*

cinphul balmy (baked goods) @Tannenbaum *NEW*

Fancy Decor Christmas Tree Frame @Tannenbaum *NEW*

Fancy Decor Wooden Snowflake A @Tannenbaum *NEW*

Fancy Decor Wooden Snowflake B @Tannenbaum *NEW*

Fancy Decor Wooden Snowflake C @Tannenbaum *NEW*

MudHoney Christmas Card Screen @Tannenbaum *NEW*

MudHoney Pillar Candle Textured med @Tannenbaum *NEW*

NOMAD Antique Jewellery Box RARE @The Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

NOMAD Jack in the Box RARE @The Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

NOMAD Baubles Wreath @The Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

{what next} Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray (Autumn Blue) @Collabor88 *NEW*

{what next} Vermont Hot Chocolate Mugs (Autumn Blue) @Collabor88 *NEW*