Dear self, please accept yourself more..

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Dear self, please accept yourself more..

‘Dear self, please accept yourself more,

Please love yourself, please make the right choices,

Please know what is good for you,

And please, please know that you are not alone..’


Leti on the right..

Le Poppycock ‘Inadequate language’ pose

Magika Summer hair *NEW*

Blueberry Larissa Summer Dress *NEW*

HXNOR White Signature Slide Sandals @TMD *NEW*

Pink Acid Busy Kitten Female Orange RARE @Chapter Four *NEW*

AZOURY Pure Butterfly


Leti on the left..

Le Poppycock ‘What’s the point’ Pose

Magika Heartbeat hair *NEW*

Blueberry Larissa Summer Dress *NEW*

Maitreya Back Necklace *NEW*


Scene details..

:HAIKEI: ‘A vacant house Gacha’ RARE @Kustom9 *June 15th*

:HAIKEI: ‘A vacant house Gacha’ wall lamp @Kustom9 *June 15th*

:HAIKEI: ‘A vacant house Gacha’ table @Kustom9 *June 15th*

:HAIKEI: ‘A vacant house Gacha’ stool @Kustom9 *June 15th*

:HAIKEI: ‘A vacant house Gacha wall paiting @Kustom9 *June 15th*

Fancy Decor Simple Wall Panel @Kustom9 *June 15th*

Fancy Decor  Footed Lamp @Kustom9 *June 15th*

floorplan. poster mural ‘wanderlust’ @Collabor88 *NEW*

floorplan. pluto globe @Collabor88 *NEW*

MudHoney Virginia Cabinet w Curtains @Love to Decorate *NEW*

MudHoney Piper Rug Cream @The Arcade *NEW*

MudHoney Piper Snake Plants @The Arcade *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Canvas Boards @Chapter Four *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Artist Easel @Chapter Four *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Paint Cans ‘Blues’ @Chapter Four *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Paint Cans ‘Greens’ @Chapter Four *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Paint Cans ‘Reds’ @Chapter Four *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Paint Cans ‘Empties Lights’ @Chapter Four *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Paint Cans ‘Empties Darks’ @Chapter Four *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Hanging Brushes @Chapter Four *NEW*

[Schultz Bros.] Box of Spray Cans @Chapter Four *NEW*

..::THOR::.. Recipes Box @Cosmopolitan *NEW*

..::THOR::.. Bucket of Daisy @Cosmopolitan *NEW*

..::THOR::.. Apple @Cosmopolitan *NEW*

..::THOR::.. Duster Cloth @Cosmopolitan *NEW*

[ zerkalo ] Nikoletta Dark Bed (recreated on the Artist Easel)@FaMESHed *NEW*

Apple Fall Long Curtain

Apple Fall Boxed Supplies w/ Spectacles

Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin

Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook