Distance means so little when someone means so much..

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Distance means so little when someone means so much

Featuring, from Left to Right:

Bleed is wearing..

TheMeshProject ✦ Head Classic Deluxe

_CandyDoll_ ✦ Lucy Skin (TMP Head Applier) @anyBODY Event *New*

~Tableau Vivant~ ✦ Pretty reckless II @Collabor88 *New*

_CandyDoll_ ✦ Daisa Dress @The Seasons Story  *New*

REIGN. ✦ Avian Sandalçs Seaspray @The Seasons Story  *New*


Phoenix is wearing..

Damselfly ✦ Rayburn Mens @ Seasons Story  *New*

Unorthodox ✦ Vicious Facial Hair Noir + TMP Appliers

GizzA ✦ Jungle Jacket @ TMD *New*

MUSCHI ✦ HotBoy Jeans

FLITE ✦ Depraved Hightops @ 100 Block *New*


Letícia is wearing..

_CandyDoll_ ✦ Lucy Skin (TMP Head Applier) @anyBODY Event *New*

+elua+ ✦ Miriam @The Seasons Story *New*

[monso] ✦ My Sweatshirt *New*

[monso] ✦My Roll Up Jean @~uber~ *New*

Pure Poison ✦ Fringe Flat Sandals Fameshed *New*


Lucas is wearing..

HooLigan Ink ✦ Leather jacket Azzaro *New*

Unorthodox ✦ Groomed Facial Hair Pack + TMP Applier

Modulus ✦ Lino Hair @ TMD *New*

[monso] ✦  My Biker Jeans @~uber~ *New*

[monso] ✦ My Horsebit Loafer  @ TMD  *New*



Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine @Collabor88 *New*

{Reverie} My Hippie Chair – Dark Wood – Westcoast @!nterlude *New*

{Reverie} My Hippie Chair – Light Wood – Here Comes the Sun @!nterlude *New*

[ zerkalo ] Bean Bag Chair @Cosmopolitan *New*

[ zerkalo ] Darius Rug @We <3 Role-Play! *New*

Serenity Style Spring Wardrobe @Black Dot Project *New*

Serenity Style Spring Chair @Black Dot Project *New*

:CP: Marta Spring Pergola @The Seasons Story  *New*

:CP: Lanai Table @~uber~ *New*

:CP: Lanai Candle Jar @~uber~ *New*

:CP: Lanai Hanging Candle Jar @~uber~ *New*

:CP: Lanai Orange Bowl @~uber~ *New*

:CP: Lanai Milk Can @~uber~ *New*

:CP: Pam’s Lanai Wine @~uber~ *New*

+Half-Deer+ Cat Holding a Frame @The Seasons Story  *New*

Con & floorplan. Antique Mirror @Xiasumi School Festival *New*

[Con.] Scientific Ceiling Lights @Xiasumi School Festival *New*

HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass04 – ivy1c