Every shy girl has a wild side..

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 This time Vista Animation’s Team got at the studio a lovely actress who has interpreted a girl in the early 20’s.

Already a sexy woman full of live, but sometimes a little shy and insecure.

Overall this new AO gives you an innocence look, that will enforce your innocent formal look, or make your hot outfit in something irresistible!

What’s more irresistible than a sexy innocent girl?

* Main features *

-NEW! An extra student folder. It works by itself with 2 stands and 1 walk. (you will have to stop the AO p4);

-SELECT MODE : ALL (VISTA AO), CALM (more quiet stands), CUTE (cute look ones), FUN (included playing around stands);

-Animations improved with Vista’s new professional Mocap system at Mocap Bcn/Vista;

-Improved breathing effect;

-Couple system included and preloaded with 6 couple animations. You can also add more from the successful Vista Mocap system if you desire!

* Included on the box 4 Ao version *

P4 (priority4 animations: better transitions from walks to stands. It will override other SL animations);

P4 (shortavi): The ground sits are edited to not make short avatars sink into the ground;

P3 (priority3 animations: this will not interfere with other sl anims like handbags etc, but will make the transitions worse);

P3 (shortavi): The ground sits are edited to not make short avatars sink into the ground;

-Superfly- it’s an extra transparent box that contains the superflight option scripts. These are controlled from the main menu and allow you to fly

faster, higher etc… Without this it doesn’t work.

-24 long play stands. Larger performance with more freedom of poses;

-10 exclusive Xuel dances preloaded;

-Mesh friendly: Made and tested to respect your mesh clothing. (Always that is correctly rigged…)

-24 stands, 7 walks, 2 run, 5 sits, 6 grounds, jumps flights and dances. More than 54 new animations.

We invite you to watch this preview.. Please use the HD option..

Hope you guys like it! ?


 Every shy girl has a wild side..


  Le Poppycock *Aflame* Yellow Pleasure (Candlestick) Pose @The Chapter Four *NEW*

 MINA Jade @The Liaison Collaborative *Dec. 7th*

Cae :: Illuminati :: Necklace

[ kunst ] Stinger watch RARE @TMD *NEW*

Izzie’s Basic Fluffy Gloves

Belle Epoque Cozy Winter RARE @The Chapter Four *NEW*

Belle Epoque Cozy Winter Bag RARE @The Chapter Four *NEW*

Essenz Bratislava


Video credits


MINA Jade @The Liaison Collaborative *Dec. 7th*

Enfant Terrible Exclusive Headphones @~uber~ *NEW*

[ kunst ] Stinger watch RARE @TMD *NEW*

Izzie’s Basic Fluffy Gloves

:Valentina E. Bridget Knit Bodysuit @The Chapter Four *NEW*

:Valentina E. Bridget Leather Mini @The Chapter Four *NEW*

Izzie’s Cozy Tights

Essenz Bratislava



[BURLEY] Joe hair


L’Etre Skin Shop Marcus Skin *NEW*

FLite. A-Solo Goggles

FLite. A-Solo Snow Gloves

FLite. A-Solo Snow Boots

*chronokit* Duffle Coat @TMD *NEW*

*SORGO HOS SweetPants


Scene details..

N4RS Wood Shed @TMD *NEW*

[sau] YUKI2 snowmobile [Lite] [safari] @TMD *NEW*

*ionic* Winter bench @The Chapter Four *NEW*

*ionic* Street Lamp @The Chapter Four *NEW*

*ionic* Frozen leaves @The Chapter Four *NEW*

*ionic* Logs for the long winter @The Chapter Four *NEW*

*ionic* Snowy logs path @The Chapter Four *NEW*

*ionic* Small coffee table @The Chapter Four *NEW*

*ionic* A hot chocolate @The Chapter Four *NEW*