Foolish games..

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Foolish games.

..Your philosophies on art, Baroque moved you

You loved Mozart and you’d speak of your loved ones

As I clumsily strummed my guitar..’

Pho is wearing..

Speakeasy Luis  Hair @Men Only Monthly *NEW*

RealEvil Nahlim Necklace @Men Only Monthly *NEW*

Speakeasy  De Luce Tattoo *NEW*

 Deadwool Fletcher tee @Monsieur Chic *NEW*

Deadwool Bounty shorts @Monsieur Chic *NEW*

Bleich Hunter @Monsieur Chic *NEW*


Leti is wearing..

< nova > Hannah Lipstick Applier @The Crossroads Event *3rd Aug.*

Izzie’s Metallic Arrow Body Tattoo (also for Logo & Catwa Heads) *Update*

MINA Hair Sylvie @The Gacha Garden *1st Aug.*

BackBone ‘Inspirational Rings’ Pixie Dust RARE @The Gacha Garden *1st Aug.*

BackBone ‘Inspirational Rings’ Live Inspired @The Gacha Garden *1st Aug.*

BackBone ‘Inspirational Rings’ Just Breathe @The Gacha Garden *1st Aug.*

TETRA Lace-up Wool Sweater @~uber~ *NEW*

Addams Celina Leather Skirt w/Belt @~uber~ *NEW*

Essenz Albufeira @Mesh Body Addicts Fair *3rd Aug.*


Scene details..

RASP/BUENO Summer Getaway RARE @Kustom9 *NEW*

David Heather Corse Bag  *NEW*

Bee designs ‘Dream Set Gacha’ Bed RARE @The Crossroads Event *3rd Aug.*

Bee designs ‘Dream Set Gacha’ Dresser RARE @The Crossroads Event *3rd Aug.*

Bee designs ‘Dream Set Gacha’ Ottoman @The Crossroads Event *3rd Aug.*

Bee designs ‘Dream Set Gacha’ Cherry Blossoms on vase @The Crossroads Event *3rd Aug.*

Bee designs ‘Dream Set Gacha’ Vintage @The Crossroads Event *3rd Aug.*

Bee designs Dream Set Gacha Vintage can with blossoms @The Crossroads Event *3rd Aug.*

Bee designs ‘Dream Set Gacha’ Rug @The Crossroads Event *3rd Aug.*

Fancy Decor Luxe Stand @Monsieur Chic *1st Aug.*

Fancy Decor Tall Fern Planter @Monsieur Chic *1st Aug.*

Fancy Decor Fern Planter @Monsieur Chic *1st Aug.*

Fancy Decor Wood Block Planter @Monsieur Chic *1st Aug.*

Fancy Decor Grass Planter @Monsieur Chic *1st Aug.*

Fancy Decor Gold Tone Planter @Monsieur Chic *1st Aug.*

Little Branch Aspen Trees @Lost & Found *NEW*

Seven Emporium  Beta Video Player V808-A @FLF *29th Jul*

Seven Emporium  Neon Legs @FLF *29th Jul*

C L A Vv. Records Collection Default

JIAN Countryside Collies :: Family Rug

 kunst  Vinyl records pile

SAYO Headphones & Vinyl Cluster

SAYO Records Rack

sau Dhalif Guitar

Tartessos Arts DVD and Memory Stick

zerkalo Chess ‘Karpov vs Unzicker (1974)’