I put a spell on you and now you’re mine..

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I put a spell on you and now you're mine..



[taketomi] Miya *NEW*

.Reckless. Absent tattoo @The Body Modification Expo *NEW*

Cae :: Septum Piercings :: @Gen-Neutral *NEW*

=Zenith= Rope chain @Gen-Neutral *NEW*

erratic scarlett bra @Collabor88 *NEW*

erratic scarlett cuffs @Collabor88 *NEW*

erratic scarlett harness @Collabor88 *NEW*

erratic scarlett panty @Collabor88 *NEW*

_CandyDoll_ Arabella Boots @Collabor88 *NEW*


Scene details..

Apt B Tufted Sofa @TMD *NEW*

Fancy Decor: Legacy Frames @Collabor88 *NEW*

Fancy Decor: Hallway Rug @Collabor88 *NEW*

Pixicat– Bastet.Sphynx (Lazy) @The Arcade Gacha *NEW*

Pixicat– Bastet.Sphynx (LyingDown) @The Arcade Gacha *NEW*

Pixel Mode Fall Harvest – Wall Light @The Arcade Gacha *NEW*

-David Heather- Attire Package

-David Heather- Overnight Bag

Soy. Table with Drawers @Collabor88 *NEW*

Soy. Essentials of Witchcraft @Collabor88 *NEW*

Soy. Candles with Amulet Seat @Collabor88 *NEW*

Soy. Calderone @Collabor88 *NEW*

Soy. Mortar Bowl @Collabor88 *NEW*

Soy. Bottled Potions set @Collabor88 *NEW*