If i die tomorrow tell London and New York that I love them..

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If i die tomorrow tell London and New York that I love them..



RK Poses. ‘My all’ @Shiny Shabby *NEW*


Pho is wearing..

*Dura-Boy*68 Hair @TMD *May 5th*

[Deadwool] Moustache  V3

[Deadwool] Full beard V1

[Deadwool] Ed shirt striped @TMD *May 5th*

[Deadwool] Corduroy pants

L&B ‘Dress Shoes’


Leti is wearing..

Magika Hair Checkpoint *NEW*

MINIMAL Onyxia Necklace @TMD *May 5th*

[ kunst ] Sentinel cuff & watch @TMD *May 5th*

Addams Betty T-Shirt with Holes and Bra *NEW*

[sYs] RIO skirt @The Chapter Four *NEW*

Essenz Buenos AIres Heels @The Chapter Four *NEW*


Scene details..

~BAZAR~ London Skyhome @6º Republic *May 6th*

~BAZAR~ Industrial clock @6º Republic *May 6th*

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vrooom Sofa @6º Republic *May 6th*

22769 ~ [bauwerk] New York Magazine @6º Republic *May 6th*

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Art Deco Floor Lamp @6º Republic *May 6th*

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Art Deco Rug Greyscale @6º Republic *May 6th*

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Eagle Glass End Table @6º Republic *May 6th*

{BE} UnderGround sign @6º Republic *May 6th*

{BE} Iron chair @6º Republic *May 6th*

{BE} Union jack @6º Republic *May 6th*

{BE} Vintage Lighting @6º Republic *May 6th*

{BE} Fish and chips @6º Republic *May 6th*

[ kunst ] Tradition bourbon bottles x3 @TMD *May 5th*

[ kunst ] Tradition bourbon bottle / dispenser @TMD *May 5th*

[ kunst ] Tradition bourbon glasses x3 @TMD *May 5th*

[ kunst ] Metal ashtray RARE @TMD *May 5th*

..::THOR::.. NY Observer Newspaper @6º Republic *May 6th*

..::THOR::.. NY Mug Of Coffee ILNY @6º Republic *May 6th*