Is anything better than autumn days?

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MINA Hair ‘Valerie’ @FaMESHed *NEW*

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Vinyl Halsey Jeans

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Scene details..

Apple Fall Georgian Gothic Fireplace @The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Apple Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath @The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Apple Fall Musquee de Provence Pumpkins @The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Apple Fall Straw Broom

:Cheeky Pea: Kathya Seat Boho @TMD *NEW*

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Serenity Style ‘And I think to myself’ book @Love to Decorate *12th Sept.*

Serenity Style ‘And I think to myself’ shelf @Love to Decorate *12th Sept.*

Serenity Style ‘And I think to myself’ vase @Love to Decorate *12th Sept.*

Serenity Style Life Stories Mirror @The Book of Daniel’ Fundraising Event *10th Sept.*

Serenity Style Old Sieve @The Book of Daniel’ Fundraising Event *10th Sept.*

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8f8 ‘New Beginnings’ Hanging Lamp

8f8 ‘New Beginnings’ Door Curtain

8f8 ‘Granny’s Winter Cottage’ Carpet