Just breathe, don’t drown your heart..

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Just breathe, don't drown your heart..

..’Tell me all the dreams you found, sing me all the songs you love

Can I sing them with you now?..’


Lamb. Let Her Go (Pack 3) RARE @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

LOTUS. ‘Raerdre Eyes’ Maidul RARE @The Crossroads *Sept. 3rd*

^^Swallow^^ Supreme Silver and White Diamond @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

BUENO Vape @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

BUENO Black Jewel Cup @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

Speakeasy Wreckage Tattoo (Aug. TMD)

Addams  Jan Tank Top *NEW*

.miss chelsea. Effi Shorts & Shirt @N21 *NEW*

`prclothing.` Essnt’ Adidass Socks



Scene details..

*Brook Hill The Dubonnet Birdcage @The Crossroads *Sept. 3rd*

*Brook Hill The Dubonnet Plant @The Crossroads *Sept. 3rd*

*Brook Hill The Dubonnet Watering Can @The Crossroads *Sept. 3rd*

[Con.] Vintage Car Sofa @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

DRD MM2 Old rug @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

junk. maggie’s patio chair. red. RARE @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

junk. dirty washboard. @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

junk. vintage basin. @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

junk. sign basket. @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

Kei Spot Kei’s Lust Notes (red glitter) @The Crossroads *Sept. 3rd*

[nefarious inventions] megaphone @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

[nefarious inventions] crew @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

[nefarious inventions] boxing @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

[nefarious inventions] trophy @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

[nefarious inventions] cricket @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

[nefarious inventions] teams @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

Soy. ‘Shitamachi Alley Garden’ A House In Alley @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

Soy. ‘Shitamachi Alley Garden’ Laundry Hanger @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

Soy. ‘Shitamachi Alley Garden’ Shabby Stands @Arcade Gacha *NEW*

Soy. ‘Shitamachi Alley Garden’ Potted Plants @Arcade Gacha *NEW*