Let’s make memories together..

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Let's make memories together..


Leti is wearing..

RK Poses. Brea @Shiny Shabby *May 20th*

Tableau Vivant Luminay @Collabor88 *NEW*

[ILAYA] Darling Lingerie Shirt {white} RARE @The Fantasy Gacha *New*

[ILAYA] Darling Lingerie Panties {white} RARE @The Fantasy Gacha *New*

Essenz Salvador @Shiny Shabby *May 20th*


Pho is wearing..

RK Poses. Cody @Shiny Shabby *May 20th*

NO.MATCH_NO.WHERE. @Men Only Monthly *May 20th*

[DossiEr] Beard & Mustache V1

[Noche] SkinnyJeansV2 No.2

Speakeasy MurMur Tattoo (Limited) *NEW*

F.A.T Izumi Front Slit Shirt @Men Only Monthly *May 20th*

MINIMAL Vincci Necklace @Men Only Monthly *May 20th*

*RealEvil* Savage Bracelet @Men Only Monthly *May 20th*

*RealEvil* Savage Watch @Men Only Monthly *May 20th*



Scene details..

Scarlet Creative Aria Cottage @Luxe Box *NEW*

:CP: London Rusted Bed @6º Republic *NEW*

:CP: Clara Sideboard Pitch (Drawers) @6º Republic *NEW*

:CP: ‘Cityscape Picture’ New York @Kustom9 *NEW*

:CP: ‘Cityscape Picture’ Paris @Kustom9 *NEW*

:CP: ‘Cityscape Picture’ Light @Kustom9 *NEW*

Di’Cor London Underground Rug @6º Republic *NEW*

Di’Cor Charles Floor Lamp @6º Republic *NEW*

::Knick Knacks:: Fence @Love to Decorate *NEW*

[ zerkalo ] Leather Couch

[ zerkalo ] ‘Beauty in the ordinary’ Clothing Rack

[ zerkalo ] ‘Beauty in the ordinary’ Simple Chandelier

[ zerkalo ] ‘Beauty in the ordinary’ Basket

[ zerkalo ] ‘Mademoiselle’ Dress form Jewelry Display RARE

[ zerkalo ] ‘Mademoiselle’ Mannequin w/Necklace

[ zerkalo ] ‘Mademoiselle’ Three Altered Bottles

[ zerkalo ] ‘Mademoiselle’ Jewelry Display

[ zerkalo ] ‘Precious Moments’ Make-up

[ zerkalo ] ‘Precious Moments’ Perfume

[ zerkalo ] ‘True Love’ Birdcage

[ zerkalo ] ‘Vintage Entryway’ Branch Board

[ zerkalo ] ‘Vintage Spa Rustic’ Basket with Towels

[ zerkalo ] ‘Vintage Spa Rustic’ Candles