She’s emptying her cup so that it may be filled again

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She's emptying her cup so that it may be filled again



MissEm Boa Style French Manicure (TMP Applier)

.: vive nine :. Ines Denim Shirt

.: vive nine :. Lou Distressed Jeans – Deep

!APHORISM! Bijou Collection  Necklace @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Bracelet @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Silver Ring @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

AZOURY Acajou Wedge Sandals (TMP Ouch Heels) @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

{Reverie} Haight-Ashbury Bag @Shiny Shabby (20th May)


Scene Details..

Apt B Rustic Now – Hanging Seat RARE @Kustom9 *New*

Apt B Rustic Now – Button chair @Kustom9 *New*

Apt B Rustic Now – Stacked Pillows @Kustom9 *New*

Apt B Rustic Now – Wheelchair @Kustom9 *New*

Apt B Rustic Now – Rose Hedge @Kustom9 *New*

Apt B Rustic Now – Stick Light @Kustom9 *New*

Kalopsia & Vagabond Hanging Stars@Collabor88 *New*

Kuro Jane’s kettle @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

Kuro Jane’s plant @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

Kuro Jane’s vases @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

.:revival:. garden table @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

.:revival:. garden stove @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

.:revival:. oil lamp I @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

.:revival:. oil lamp II @Shiny Shabby (20th May)

Serenity Style Milano Caffe Cup @FamouStation (24th May)

Serenity Style Milano Caffe Menu @FamouStation (24th May)

Serenity Style Milano Muffins @FamouStation (24th May)

Trompe Loeil  Garden Bard Abode @Collabor88 *New*

[ zerkalo ] Medieval Rug @The Fantasy Collective (20th May)

[ zerkalo ] Medieval Barrel with Logs @The Fantasy Collective (20th May)