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Swallow Hiroshi Ivory Tmp Applier @Kustom9 *NEW*

Sleepy Eddy Handknit Muffler+Nao RARE @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

AITUI Roady Coat Powder over Black @TMD *NEW*

Deadwool Pleated pants

Deadwool Strider boots @TMD *NEW*

[ kunst ] Coffee cup



Exile:: Snow Fall @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

Bonne Chance Baby Love Coats & Sweaters RARE @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

Addams Rickia Laced Boot *NEW*


Scene details..

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Wagon RARE @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]]  HOLIDAY CAFE-Reindeers @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Casher @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]]  HOLIDAY CAFE-Sign (OPEN) @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Custard pudding @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Cup set @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Chair @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Table @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Old Bike (for wall) @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Shoes ornament @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Candy display @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Candles @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[[RH]] No more sledge !! (Touch) ARCADE Season Gift @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[Razzberry Inc.] ‘Party Platters’ Variety @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

[Razzberry Inc.] ‘Party Platters’ Meat and Pickles @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

DRD ‘Arctic Express’ Train Car Center RARE @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

DRD ‘Arctic Express’ Engine RARE @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*

JIAN Holiday Huskies :: Companion Pupies @Arcade Gacha *Dec. 1st*