Try to do something that really challenges you…every single day..

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Try to do something that really challenges you...every single day.



monso My Hair – Hyeok @TMD *NEW*

Unorthodox Flii Eyebrows @TMD *NEW*

Unorthodox Noah V2 Facial Hair @TMD *NEW*

ColdAsh – SHORECROSS Jacket w Shirt @~uber~ *NEW*

Muschi – HotBoy Jeans

Shoeminati 12x The Master @Men Only Monthly *NEW*


Scene details..

HX Gold Spray Can Backpack @TMD *NEW*

HX Black Currency Duffle Bag @TMD *NEW*

 kunst Tradition bourbon bottle @TMD *NEW*

 kunst  Tradition bourbon glass #2 @TMD *NEW*

NOMAD Gymnasium RARE @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Vintage Gym RARE @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Punching Bag @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Balance Beam @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Vault Table @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Changing Room Bench @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Pommel Horse @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Vault Box @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Kettlebells @6º Republic *NEW*

NOMAD  Medicine Cabinet @6º Republic *NEW*

Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – Rusted Iron Stepladder @6º Republic *NEW*

Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – Old American Flag @6º Republic *NEW*

Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – DIY Shelf @6º Republic *NEW*

Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeA, B, C, D]  @6º Republic *NEW*

Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – Coneshaped Glass Pendant Light @6º Republic *NEW*