When I met you in the Summer..

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When I met you in the Summer..

‘When I met you in the summer to my heartbeat sound
We fell in love as the leaves turned Brown..’



RK Poses.  Walking *GIFT*


Leti is wearing..

Magika Heartbeat *NEW*

Izzie’s Newport Anchor Earrings @TLC *NEW*

Izzie’s Newport Anchor Necklace @TLC *NEW*

Izzie’s Newport Anchor Bracelet @TLC *NEW*

!APHORISM! Nicole Maxi Dress @Collabor88 *NEW*

=Zenith= Bucket Shoulder Bag @Collabor88 *NEW*


Pho is wearing..

Modulus Brooklyn Hair

.Reckless. Dash Glasses

^^Swallow^^  Antoine (TMP Applier) @Menswear Fashion Week *NEW*

[ kunst ] Joint & holder @ Tropical Summer Fair 2016 *NEW*

.Reckless. Chaos Tattoo @The Mens Department *NEW*

*chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel @The Mens Department *NEW*

[ kunst ] kPhone


Scene details..

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Bar & Decor RARE @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Garden Table w/ lanterns RARE @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Lawn Chair @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Mini Cheeseburgers @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Bar Sign @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Little barbeque @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Drinks Cooler @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Watermelon Pops @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ S’Mores Bar @The Arcade *NEW*

{what next} ‘Under The Stars’ Table Sign @The Arcade *NEW*

[ keke ] star fish @The Arcade *NEW*

[ keke ] shells turned @The Arcade *NEW*

[ keke ] shells flat @The Arcade *NEW*

MudHoney Piper Cushions @The Arcade *NEW*

N4RS Pool Tube Floats @TMD *NEW*

.:revival:. Shower (no Wall) @TMD *NEW*

SORGO  Lemon Cake @The Arcade *NEW*

SORGO  Cheese Cake @The Arcade *NEW*

[NC] Tropical Palm Trees @Cosmopolitan *NEW*

xin. shiki husky

8f8 ‘Green Grocers’ Lemonade

8f8 ‘Green Grocers’ Orange Juice

8f8 ‘Green Grocers’ Carrot Juice