‘Why fit in if you were born to stand out?’

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'Why fit in if you were born to stand out'



MINA Hair Demy @FaMESHed *NEW*


L’Etre Skin Shop Cintia Skin

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara



{Reverie} ‘Travelers Bag’ @FaMESHed *NEW*

MINIMAL Animal Glasses RARE (lightly edited) @The Chapter Four *April 4th*

MINIMAL Animal Rings @The Chapter Four *April 4th*

MINIMAL Aurka Bracelet @TMD *April 5th*



Scene details..

Apple Fall Period Fireplace @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

Apple Fall Straw Broom @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

Apple Fall Bed Warmers @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

Apple Fall Artwork: Oncoming Storm @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

–ANHELO- M16MD-163GA :: bassman sidetable @TMD *April 5th*

–ANHELO- M14MD-163GA :: bassman suitcase @TMD *April 5th*

:CP: Waltzer Chair @FaMESHed *NEW*

Kalopsia Bicolore Vases @FLF *April 1st*

Kalopsia Arrow Curtains @FLF *April 1st*

Serenity Style Trixie the Chicken – RARE @The Gacha Guardians *NEW*

Serenity Style Holy the Bunny @The Gacha Guardians *NEW*