Your biggest enemy is yourself.. so be your best friend.

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Your biggest enemy is yourself, so be your best friend..


Leti is wearing..

..::Vibe::.. “Nieuwe Schoenen” Pose

+elua+ Xenia @~uber~*New*

Addams Top Gym 2.0 @~uber~*New*

Addams Ana Tank Top w/Buttons @~uber~*New*

Addams Short Gym 2.0 @~uber~*New*

[ kunst ] Helios sportband @~uber~*New*

JD Cara Leather w/ Socks @~uber~*New*


Bleed is wearing..

..::Vibe::.. “Leave the Pieces” Pose

TRUTH HAIR Olympia @~uber~*New*

[monso] My Sporty Bikini Shirt @~uber~*New*

[monso] My Sporty Bikini Bra @~uber~*New*

[monso] My Sporty Bikini Panty @~uber~*New*

JD Cara Leather w/ Socks @~uber~*New*


Scene details..

Trompe Loeil Surf Shack @~uber~*New*

NOMAD Palm Tree Bar @Men Only Hunt 6 *29th Aug.*

Bueno Workout Bag @~uber~*New*

8f8 Green Grocers – Orange Juice

Poche pop dessert glass water melon

Poche pop dessert glass melon